An unexplained explosion. A mysterious man. Can he be the key to unlocking her secret?

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When a mysterious man crawls out of explosion in Laura’s back yard, Laura’s world is turned upside down. The man won’t tell her his name, has the miraculous ability to heal, and makes her feel weak in the knees with just his sexy smile. For too long she’s been hiding the secrets of her past, but his magical ability to heal her wounds has her opening up to him like she’s never done before, and her secrets are threatening to spill out.


But she isn’t the only one with secrets. Assassins arrive with magical powers of their own, bent on killing him, and they will destroy anyone in their way. Laura refuses to give in to their demands so she must run for her life if she wants to protect him. But trusting him may be the most difficult thing she’s ever done, especially when the biggest secret of all threatens to destroy them both.


2014 Fleur Camacho