"Working in your pajamas" means getting up in the morning and getting your kids off to school.  Then immediately pulling open your computer and checking your email or Twitter.  Then furiously writing, or editing, or promoting your book… playing on the internet, reading all the posts by your friends, and reading about how to be a better writer / promoter.  Greeting your kids from school, giving them a snack and helping them with their homework.  Bugging them about doing their chores and playing with them on the swing.

  Then refocusing yourself and putting your heart

 and soul into your book.  And then it’s 5pm

 and you look down and you realize that you

still have your pajamas on and that it’s time to

 feed the kids dinner and get them to bed.

 That’s what "working in your pajamas" means..

Working in your PJs

2014 Fleur Camacho